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Transforming the Accounts Payable Industry

APA Academy certified training courses are transforming the AP industry by offering the opportunity to gain a recognised and valued qualification

Unlike other business functions, AP Professionals have not had access to certified training from a professional body.

For too long AP Professionals have had no visible career paths, not being appreciated, and feeling undervalued.

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The Accounts Payable Association is the UK's only professional body and membership community specifically established to serve AP professionals. Membership with the APA is essential for any seasoned or aspiring AP professional. We provide our members with a range of resources including;

  • The ability to enrol on APA Certified Courses
  • Ask The Experts Forum & The AP Forum
  • AP Tools,  Surveys & Bench-marking
  • AP Best Practices & Webinars
  • APA Careers HQ 7 Discounted APA Event Tickets
  • Exclusive Monthly Offers and much more.

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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Your workplace is busy, everyone's got their own job to think about and worries to contend with. All you want is to be able to advance and be recognised in your job. 

You're as ambitious as everyone else and everyone seems to be pushing for that next qualification to rise up the ladder and earn more.

But you want to progress too. You're keen to know more about your chosen subject, show what you can do and what you know.

You're motivated, keen and able right now - why wait to advance? Why wait to earn a higher salary? Why wait to receive that recognition and job title? Waiting equates to being left behind!

What price do you put on your career? Our courses offer career progression and will always cost less than the pay increases you should secure in the job market after completing them.

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What are Employers looking for?

In this competitive environment employers are looking for conscencious, knowledgeable and trained people. Mistakes in the workplace can be costly and employees with the added assurance of a sound qualification are worth paying that bit extra for.

The AP Qualification Will Help You Stand Out


One of the reasons the Accounts Payable Qualification has been created is to help candidates demonstrate to employers their knowledge and worth in a fundamental financial area of any company. Employers get the assurance of a trained individual, knowledgeable in their subject with an aptitude for their workplace scenarios- and employers are likely to pay extra for that.

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I was surprised by the amount of content in the course all of which has helped me understand and define my current role.

My current AP Manager supported my studies throughout the course and I now feel part of a community of AP Professionals.

I am already signed up and taking the APA Managers certification! 

Would definitely recommend to colleagues...  -  Kathryn AP Analyst

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