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APA Academy certified training courses are transforming the AP industry by offering the opportunity to gain a recognised and valued qualification Unlike other business functions, AP Professionals have not had access to certified training from a professional body. For too long AP Professionals have had no visible career paths, not being appreciated, and feeling undervalued. All APA courses are certified by the Accounts Payable Association (APA) the first (and only) UK professional body devoted to serving the Accounts Payable / Purchase Ledger professional community. Scroll down and select the APA course you would like to learn more about. Enrol online or call us directly on 0121 794 7300

APA Certification Benefits

APA's practical certification programmes give you skills all employers need.

  • Flexible courses make it easy to fit learning around your life

  • Higher Earning Potential

  • Sharper Industry Skills

  • A stronger CV

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  • Official APA Certificate

    Official Accredited Certified APA completion certificate

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    FREE access to the APA “Certified Forum”

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Meet some of our very happy students

The best Accounts Payable specific courses created!

Adam Griffiths - Assistant Accountant

Amazing Course

Adam Griffiths - Assistant Accountant

I was surprised by the amount of content in the course all of which has helped me understand and define my current role. My current AP Manager supported my studies throughout the course and I now feel part of a community of AP Professionals. I am already signed up and taking the APA Managers certification! Would definitely recommend to colleagues... - Kathryn AP Analyst
Nadine Samuels

Amazing Course

Nadine Samuels

Amazing course which has reminded me how important specialised the area of Finance that I am passionate about is. Sometimes you can get demotivated in. your chosen career and forget why chose it!
Roberto Lecora

A well structured Course

Roberto Lecora

I am glad that I have decided to complete the APA Team Leader Certification, I have enjoyed every module of the course, and I have gained some new skills whilst keeping up to date my current skills. I am sure that the APA Certification will be a great investment for personal development and my future career progression

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